Golf Scoring Systems (Coming Spring 2015)

Our golf scoring system is designed to help golf courses setup and manage tournaments. With an easy to use interface, one person can administer tournaments of 250 golfers or more. With a few simple clicks, your golf club will be able to create a tournament and being entering golfer's names, handicaps, and scores. Information can be updated using a computer, tablet, or even a mobile phone.

System Features
  1. Easy Setup:With a few simple clicks, you can create tournaments with simple or advanced features.

  2. Gross/Net Winners:After all scores are entered, the system will automatically produce both gross and net winners for the overall tournament and each of the divisions(flights)

  3. Draws:In multiple day tournaments, the system will automatically create the next day draw based on the previous day scoring. The system fully supports reserved and sponsor slots.

  4. Real-time leaderboard:As scores are entered in to the system, real time leaderboards are available from computers, TVs, your website, mobile phones, and many more locations.

  5. Flexible Scoring:Our system allows scores to be entered in many different ways, such as; Computer, Tablets, it even allows golfers to enter their scores using their phone while on the course. All scores in tournaments require verification before winners can be completed.

  6. Skins (Rangs):If all hole details are entered during the scoring process, the system will automatically generate skins (rang) winners for each hole

  7. Variety of Scoring Types:The system not only supports gross and net scoring, it also supports the following; Stableford, Modified Stableford, Chicago, Callaway, System 36, and more are being added.

Screen Shots (Coming Spring 2015)

Scoring Benefits

Generates Revenue

With our real-time scoring and strategically placed leaderboards, our system entices golfers to remain at your golf course watching live scoring in your restaurant or bar areas. This generates extra revenue for your course.

Low Cost Solution

With every membership, we allow unlimited tournaments at one low monthly fee.

No Contract

With our system, there are no setup fees and you can cancel anytime. Payment plans are very flexible, you can pay monthly, yearly or for each individual tournament.

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