Video Security Systems
"Amazing video quality, easy to use, fast install, no monthly fees!"

We believe that every business should be able to have a reliable security system that not only captures video, but captures video at a quality that can be used to help identify people or activities within the video. With our Video Security System, your business will have an effective and reliable IP Surveillance System. Utilizing state-of-the-art IP Network Cameras, we can construct a completely scalable, high performance Surveillance System that can effectively monitor and protect your business.

With the installation of a networked surveillance system, you can locally or remotely monitor the safety and security of people and property anywhere, anytime. Our systems makes it possible to send live images and audio for remote monitoring, learning, troubleshooting, web broadcasting, and any other activity requiring a remote presence.

Our video systems provide DVR software that allows you to record up two 32 cameras (no additional cost) on a single network.

Actual Security Footage

With our client's support and approval, we were able to capture actual live snapshots of the camera feeds from their locations. These images are from real clients on live systems and only people's faces were removed. The images have not been altered in any other way.

  • The Lakes Golf Club Hole #1
  • Ziggy's 9x9 View
  • No Frills All Cash View
  • No Frills 4x4 View
  • Ziggy's 1 Big 5 Small
  • The Lakes Golf Club Proshop
  • No Frills Freezers #2
  • The Lakes Golf Club 3x3 Video Display
  • Ziggy's Bar
  • Ziggy's Dining #1
  • No Frills 4x4 View
  • The Lakes Golf Club Bar Shot #1
  • Ziggy's Front Door
  • The Lakes Golf Club Bar Shot #2
  • No Frills 9X9 View
  • No Frills Freezers #1
  • The Lakes Golf Club Driving Range
  • Ziggy's Front Door #2
  • No Frills Produce
  • The Lakes Golf Club Cart Barn
  • Ziggy's Kitchen
  • The Lakes Golf Club Parking Lot
  • Ziggy's Lotto Door
  • No Frills Cash Reg View #1
  • The Lakes Golf Club Rear #2
  • No Frills 1 Big 10 Small
  • Ziggy's Storage Room
  • No Frills 1 Big 5 Small
  • The Lakes Golf Club Rear #3
  • No Frills 3x3
System Benefits

No Monthly Fees or Contracts

With our security systems, you never need to pay any monthly fees. Once installed, the Security systems is 100% yours.

IP Network Cameras using POE Technology

Using state-of-the-art network cameras, we can quickly install a complete security solutions and integrate it in to your existing network. This allows maximum flexibility for you to monitor activities on all cameras on-site or while visiting remote locations.

Amazing Video Quality

With a 2-megapixel sensor, the network cameras can deliver extremely clear and detailed images for accurate video content analysis. Additionally, the camera can capture a more comprehensive area of a scene than a standard VGA camera. This can significantly reducing the number of cameras required onsite.

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