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Is your company using manual documents, spread sheets, or an in-house developed database to track information, sales, or procedures? Are you finding it difficult to create reports or are you continually having issues with duplicate, inconsistent, or even incorrect information? Our development team specializes in creating unique software to help your business become more efficient, which in turns, generates greater profits.

With our customized designed software, we are able to examine your current procedures and convert your manual papers, spreadsheets, and non-standardize databases in to one practical web based solution. Our software can be installed on your internal computer system to be used exclusively on your Intranet (a local or restricted communications network) or on a web server to allow remote access from any location through a secured connection over the Internet.

Our software solutions can included any or all of the following abilities:

  1. InformationEnter and edit information using a web interface or use an import feature to extract data from various sources such as; Excel, text files (CSV, XML, HTML), Access, Word, and many other file formats.

  2. UsersMultiple User Levels for restricting privileges and abilities within the software. (Administrator, Data Enter, Reports & Viewing, etc..)

  3. Security:Secure connection using VPN, SSL, and AES256 Encryption to protect sensitive information.

  4. ReportingFlexible reporting system with can included: Table, Line, Bar, Pie, Stacked, Column, Donut, and many more types of charts.

  5. ExtractionExport Information with a simple click in standard formats.

  6. Easy SetupNo software install required on work station. All computers, tablets, or phones can use any web browser to access the information.

  7. ExpandabilityUnlimited client licenses, Unlimited locations, Unlimited Possibilities

  8. Multiple LanguagesSupport an unlimited number of languages throughout the system


Helping increase employee productivity through an easy to use interface that is standard across your entire system


All information is stored in a secure relational database to optimize data retrieval and ensure data integrity.


With our Data Warehouse technology, we can generate retrieval systems that support millions of requests instantly.

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