Database Design

We specialize in creating database solutions that will grow with your company. Our database environments consist of two concepts that with ensure data integrity and allow for maximum flexibly.

  1. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)The OLTP environment, commonly known as Operational System, is a database that contains all your day-to-day transactions. All information in the database is stored in a relational structure that maintains data integrity across a multi-access environment. This database handles a large number of transactions that are measured in transactions per second (TPS). Currently, some of our clients run OLTP databases that have over 3,000 TPS.

  2. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)The OLAP environment, commonly known as Data Warehouse, is a database that is designed to handle complex queries that typically involve aggregations. The main focus for the OLAP environment is the instantaneous response time when requesting large amounts of information. This information can span over a short or long period of time and is primarily used for reporting purposes. With a scheduled process, we create the OLAP databases from the data stored inside of your OLTP environment. Because of this process, the integrity of the data stored in your Data Warehouse is equal to that of your OLTP environment.

With our database design techniques, we are able to store all your company's information securely in central database system. This will allow all authorized members of your company to access data from any selected location and display it instantly on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Database Benefits

Data Integrity

All information uses cross-reference tables to ensure data integrity throughout your entire system

Security & Safety

With all information stored in a central database, user access permissions can be set to allow only authorized access. Also, your database can be set to backup to a remote location to ensure no information will ever be lost.


Our database are able to handle over 3,000 transactions per second with instantaneous responses. This ensures your company will not out grow our databases.

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