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With our interactive kiosk software, your company will be able to provide an unique experience for any user. Our software is designed to run on individual computers or a network based infrastructure. Our systems do not require individual licenses to operate and each system supports unlimited kiosks in many different locations. Not only can our kiosks display information to the end user, but our systems can capture any information and store that data in a centralized database using either real-time or scheduled synchronization. Interactive kiosks have many uses in businesses today, some of these uses are:

  1. Information KioskInformation kiosks allow the user to select different options based on a menu structure. After touching a menu option, images and text will be displayed about the selected feature to the user. This type of kiosks could be used in; museums - to display information about a display, lobby - to display information about the company and building, outdoors - to display information about a historical site.

  2. Directions or Staff DirectoryDirectory kiosks allow users to select different options to find information on locating a business or person inside of a building. This type of kiosk can be used in; Shopping Centers - allow users to instantly get directions or information about a store with in the center, Work Place - allows users to find employees and directions to their location, Offices Buildings - allows users to find locations of business that are located inside, even on different floors

  3. Internal SoftwareSoftware kiosks have the most flexibility. These types of kiosks can be used for the following: Inventory - These kiosks can be located in multiple locations throughout warehouses for quick access to inventory information and updating. Verification - This type of kiosk can be used for employees to enter information and have that information later verified by a supervisor, Unique software - If you have a unique idea, this type of kiosk can bring your idea into existence. Any form of interaction from with end user can be created.

  4. Endless PossibilitiesThere are truly unlimited possibilities that can be achieved using our Kiosks software. Please contact us for more information.

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Kioks Benefits

Employee Productivity

Increase employee productivity by allowing users to interact with strategically placed kiosks that will enable them to retrieve or enter information with the touch of a finger.

Access Information Easily

Display dynamic information and images with just a few simple touches. All information can be updated remotely from a central computer using a simple interface.

Low Cost

Using off the shelf technology, system costs can be reduced significantly. With these types of products; hardware components are very reliable and require very little maintenance.

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